Want a faster way to count inventory?
We have the solution for you

EasyCount makes counting inventory simple. It allows you to have full control over your business while saving you valuable time and money. Say goodbye to pens, pencils, documents and most importantly, double entry!


Our application, EasyCount, has been created to ease the process of counting your inventory. Long gone are the days where you need to use pen, paper, spreadsheets and having to deal with the dreaded double entry. EasyCount eliminates the need for all the extra tools you previously needed for your inventory counting burdens to give you more control over your business. Here we have an application that does all of this for you, with just a few easy taps on your device!

Mobile & Tablet App

  • Focus on saving time, costs and labour by having better control over your gross profit margins.
  • Customise departments for your products, such as Dairy, Bread, Beverage etc.
  • Manage and implement your own products by creating them with ease.

Web Platform

  • Control your current and previous inventory taking audits.
  • Completely customize all products added, such as editing the names, departments and positions.
  • Further check your counts in more detail

Instant Reports

  • Execute reports to check products by detail, such as the location and departments to easily manage
    and reduce time in navigating through lists.
  • Download the reports to your device for future reference.

Digital Counting

  • Quickly count, add and remove products with our user-friendly interface and keypad design
  • Access your counts wherever you are, providing you have an Internet connection
  • Forget pens, paper, Excel and double entry!

Make Counting Faster

Check out what we’re about and see for yourself why we offer you the best solution to count faster and effectively! 


  45 per month

per premises
 Time efficient & easy to set up
Mobile and tablet app on the Google Play Store
Permissions for up to 5 Users. More can be added, just contact us!

Why EasyCount?

Simple set up

Sign up, set up your products and locations, add users and start counting

Easy counting

Choose a location to start counting in the order your products are displayed or stored

Affordable pricing

Monthly or Yearly pricing plans available at an affordable price

Multi user

Multiple Users can count on the app, giving you further control of your counts

Instant reporting

Reports are ready for export instantly, in multiple forms once a count has been completed

Multi platform

Suitable with all devices, mobile, tablet and desktop, giving you many options

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