View your non-barcoded stock-take results up to 72% faster, with our Inventory Software Dashboard

Make Pen & Paper Stock Counting and Data Entry onto multiple Excel Sheets, a thing of the past

Manage your stock up to 72% faster with our Inventory Software

Manual Entry, Unorganised Reports and Paper Counting is a thing of the past

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EasyCount Stocktaking Software

Count Anything, Any Time!

For food businesses in particular, the need to frequently count non-barcoded inventory can be time consuming and problematic. Our customers told us that their traditional stock counting processes lead to delayed, inaccurate financial reporting causing them a major problem. For these businesses, we developed the EasyCount platform; a reporting dashboard synchronised with a multi-user stock-taking app.

Location Filter

Choose what location you wish to count in. If you have finished counting the products in one location, simply change the location to another and you’ll see all your other products ready to be counted.

Simple Product List

You can see all your products that you’re counting with at a quick glance. The view will show the full product name & code, along with the quantity counted.

Faster Counting, Faster Profits!

With our inventory software, you will conduct your stocktakes a lot faster. On average our users save 68% of time with EasyCount. Counting faster and more effectively allows you to save time and focus time elsewhere in your business!

Compare All Sites

Management can quickly identify stock control errors, ensure pricing integrity (one change immediately updating all sites) and compare site performance by date, by city or region.

Super Fast Counting

Fast (count time reduced by 72%), accurate counting through the mobile app, regardless of WiFi availability (whilst counting), replaces pen and paper and Excel spreadsheets. This minimises human error and avoids double entry.

EasyCount Stocktaking Software

Export In Any Format

Count data is available for immediate export in a number of formats, including; Excel, PDF, Standard TXT and to incumbent ERP solutions.

Immediate Financial Overview

An enterprise solution providing an overview of gross profit margins based on reported sales, purchases and wastage. Hosted on our securely encrypted servers.

EasyCount Quick Overview

For more information, be sure to check out our Features Page!

Generate Gross Profits

Input purchases, sales, and waste for easy gross profit calculations

Complete Stocktake Report

Generate & view a wide range of reports, giving you more clarity over your counts

Works On Any Device

EasyCount works on any modern Apple/Android phone, tablet or computer

Group View For Multiple Stores

View all site data on one screen. See trends, which stores are performing well and any other vital information, all at a glance.

Insert Products Instantly

Efficiently select multiple products into your locations, ready to count

Year To Date Profits

Visibly see your YTD profits via our graph export to email or by downloading.



Don’t just listen to us. Here are what people say about us.

  • Super Support, Instant Help!

    The lads responded quickly to all of our questions and queries which was very reassuring. They had us set up in minutes.

    H2 Group
  • No More Paper Stock-takes

    EasyCount is so simple to use and that really helps when initially training our staff. Our stock-takes now take half the time they did before.

    Corrib Oil
  • No More Problems Counting Our Inventories!

    Since starting to use EasyCount, completing a count of our on-hand inventory is much easier and efficient.

  • We Count More Often With EasyCount

    With time taken to count inventory, cut in half, we now undertake more regular and more accurate stock counts.

    JPK Fencing
  • Count When You Want!

    Love the app. especially the way that I can leave it mid count and then return to it when I am ready.

    MINT Pembroke

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