Want a faster way to count inventory?
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EasyCount makes counting inventory simple. It allows you to have full control over your business while saving you valuable time and money. Say goodbye to pens, pencils, documents and most importantly, double entry!

App Preview

  • <strong>Homescreen</strong>


    Our EasyCount application features user-friendly interfaces that are quick to navigate and easy to learn. On the main page you’re able to;

    1. Search products specific to location, along with creating your own locations
    2. Add & Remove products
    3. Specifically search for an added product
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  • <strong>Entering Units</strong>

    Entering Units

    You’re able to quickly modify the units of a product by simply entering the values you wish. We’ve also added extra functionality to this by allowing you to also do multiplication when entering the values, allowing more flexibility with how you’re counting your products.

    1. Modifying unit costs & using multiplication
    2. Keypad for entering values in
  • <strong>Searching & Adding Products</strong>

    Searching & Adding Products

    The EasCount app allows you to quickly select and choose multiple products to be added to any location of your choosing. With a fast and responsive user interface, you will have no issue finding and choosing the products you wish to start counting for.

    1. Simply search the products you wish to filter on so you can see specific products
    2. Select the location you wish for your products to be entered in to
    3. Featuring a multi-select function to add in bulk
    4. Insert your items, to your location with a tap of a button!
  • <strong>Adding your own products</strong>

    Adding your own products

    EasyCount offers you the ability to efficently create new products and set their specific Location & Department to your demands, allowing you to keep track of your stock more efficiently and suitable for your needs.

    1. New product name
    2. Product location
    3. Department location
  • <strong>Audit Logging</strong>

    Audit Logging

    Our application features an Audit trail allowing you to keep track of the sequence in which products have been counted. The Web Platform goes into the Audit with far more detail, with the user’s name who added the product and the exact date & time.
  • <strong>Settings & Synchronization</strong>

    Settings & Synchronization

    The Settings screen allows you to see when you last synchronized your data to and from your device, to the Web Platform, along with the App Version so you’re certain you have the most up to date release!

Web Platform Preview

  • <strong>Homepage</strong>


    Our EasyCount Web Platform offers you more tools to keep track and manage your stock taking, allowing you further control. Just like our Mobile App, the interface is user-friendly and quick to pick up. Some of the features on this screen are;

    1. Clicking into a Location loads up more options and specifically shows the products related to this location
    2. From here you’re able to see the current stock count being taken, clicking into it will show further information
    3. You’re also able to view all previous audits, again with the same functions as the current audit has
    4. The Navigation Bar at the top is clear and allows you to overview your Master Records, which lists Departments, Locations and other customised options, along with also running Reports to get further insight on how the stock take itself
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  • <strong>Master Records</strong>

    Master Records

    From the Master Records section you’re able to search products by all Departments, Locations, Sizes and a complete list of all products. Furthermore to these options, you’re also able to import your own product lists via our import tool that uses .CSV files.

    1. The Main Navigation bar displays all options under the Master Records once selected, allowing the user for quick and easy views
    2. The detail screen shows all information relevant to the record you selected, in this example you’re able to see all the Departments listed for this store.
  • <strong>Reports</strong>


    You’re able to run a variety of reports through our Web Platform, allowing you to check all aspects of your products by Details, Departments, Locations and Audits, giving you further insight as to how the counts are performing. You can also download the reports as PDFs for future reference.

    1. The Main Navigation bar displays all Reports once clicked, showing you what reports are currently configured to run and display data
    2. In this section you have a date parameter that allows you to chose what stock take date you wish to run this report against, along with the options to generate and download the report
  • <strong>Location Details</strong>

    Location Details

    This is the Location Details screen which you will see if you click on a location on the homepage. This page allows you to control your products more efficiently by giving you all the information you need. From here you can do everything possible on the Mobile App, but also create and check Product Sizes, rename Products and see a far more detailed Audit Trail.

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