It’s time to throw away your pens and papers… yes, really!

We at EasyCount, have over 15 years worth of experience when it comes to stocktaking and what methods you should be undertaking to make sure your stocktaking is as fast and accurate as possible. We know exactly what needs to be done to make sure you’re staying on top of your business and not spending a whole day counting your inventory – if you’re cutting your stocktaking time, this allows you to spend more time on other areas or aspects of your business!

You’re probably wondering how you could possibly stray away from the norm of pens, papers, Excel and even double entry – you know exactly how long a stock count could take and probably think it’d take longer by changing the method you’ve used for years… wrong!

How about a solution to eliminate all forms of pen, papers, Excel and the most mundane of all, double entry. That’s right, something does exist to do this, EasyCount!

Here’s how it usually goes when you’re doing your stocktake with the old, slow and boring method:

  1. Make sure you have enough pens and papers for yourself or your team!
  2. Start counting items left to right on your shelves, writing every product name on your sheet or scanning each item
  3. Accidentally drop all your papers and re-organise them, maybe this happens twice
  4. Finally finish your counting of products
  5. Now to load up Excel
  6. Close Excel and wish for a faster way

Sounds painful… that’s kind of because it is.

Here’s how it’ll go when you’re doing your stocktake with EasyCount:

  1. Open EasyCount on your phone
  2. Start counting each product, there’s no need to input any names, you just need to enter quantities as your products are already loaded into the device.
  3. Once finished counting, just press the EasySync button to put your entire count into the Cloud (Accessible through our Web Platform)
  4. Load up the Web Platform and see all your counts, run reports, edit your counts if needed and a whole lot more.
  5. Close down the Web Platform and go to bed happy

Sounds easier right?


EasyCount has been proven to reduce stocktaking times by around 66% ranging from small locations to huge premises with multiple locations that need stocktaking completed frequently.

We are firm believers that the old approach and out-dated method of pens, papers & Excel are a thing of the past and that stocktaking must move forward with technology.

Feel free to check out our Homepage for further information to see if EasyCount will apply to your environment! Or, contact us through emails or our phone number which can also be found at the bottom of our homepage.