EasyCount – More July Updates!

13th July, 2018

Latest Updates!

Another weekly update to EasyCount, this time something many of you have requested! That’s right, you can now view and export your Gross Profit Graph so you’re able to see all historical data.

This allows you to export to Excel which gives you a clear breakdown of how the Gross Profit is calculated – you may also change the values in Excel as they’ll update the graph accordingly. You may have noticed we’ve included Labour Cost in the Excel report, this will be on EasyCount at some point in the future, although for now it’s available there (this is calculated into the Gross Profit also)

List of this weeks changes to EasyCount.io

Below is a short, conclusive list of all the changes for this update.

  • Gross Profit Export – Ability to export your Gross Profit data
  • Labour Costs (Excel) – Input your Labour Costs into the Excel exported from the Gross Profit Graph.
  • Previous Audit for Gross Profit calculations – Click into a Previous Audit and tick/un-tick Locations that you want to be calculated into your Gross Profit for that date.
  • Further improvements to the system & mobile responsiveness – Fixes, bug/crash resolutions, further mobile/tablet support when using the Web Platform & more minor changes.

We hope you enjoy this weeks changes to EasyCount – we have a few ideas in the pipeline that we hope to push out at some point, such as the Gross Profit  Graph on Group views!

As always, be sure to let us know of any changes you would like to see and keep us informed of any issues/bugs that you come across on our systems.

Thanks again for your interest in EasyCount and have a good weekend!




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