EasyCount – Server Upgrade & July Updates!

Last week we successfully migrated our server to a better hosting provider and upgraded our storage capacity so we’re able to host more information, run queries faster (EasySync etc) and just see an overall improvement regarding the speed of EasyCount. You should all be seeing a change in speed regarding EasyCount’s Web Platform and EasySync feature on the Mobile App immediately.

This server upgrade allows us to store more product data, make further improvements to the system and lets you load up pages quick along with syncing faster. All-in-all, a brilliant new addition. You may notice how much faster the Web Platform dashboard loads up now too, on our own tests it’s gone from around 5 seconds from loading the homepage to less than 1 second!

Aside from the server upgrade we’ve got a few minor updates that you will notice when using the Web Platform such as; Previous Audit Navigation and Wastage, Purchases & Sales data on Previous Audits.


Previous Audits Preview:


Website loading speed before Server Upgrade – more than 5 seconds! (Dev environment but you can see how slow it was even with less content): 

Website loading speed after Server Upgrade – less than a second! :

A small update this time, although, it leads to bigger and better things with this new server that allows us to cater to your needs even more.

Be sure to let us know of any feedback or problems you may have with EasyCount – or even any additions you’d like to see on EasyCount in the future.

Thanks again for your continued support and interest – stay tuned for more updates, we never stop improving our systems!




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