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Why DigiTally

No longer do you have to struggle with pens, papers or double entry when counting your stock. DigiTally allows you to count your stock on one device and then sync it back to your Web Platform for further management.

Inventory Stocktaking App Worldwide Reach

Count Anywhere, Any Time!

DigiTally allows you to count in any location at any given moment using our stocktaking app. This gives you the opportunity to count your products in their correct locations, allowing you to efficiently keep track of what is being counted.

Simple Product List

You can see all your products that you’re counting with at a quick glance. The view will show the full product name & code, along with the quantity counted.

Location Filter

Choose what location you wish to count in. If you have finished counting the products in one location, simply change the location to another and you’ll see all your other products ready to be counted.

EasyCount Stocktaking Software
EasyCount Stocktaking Application

Faster Counting, Faster Profits!

With our inventory software, you will conduct your stocktakes a lot faster. On average our users save 68% of time with DigiTally. Counting faster and more effectively allows you to save time and focus time elsewhere in your business!

User Intuitive Calculator

Once you’ve counted one product, it’ll automatically move down to the next. The calculator even allows you to do equations, this saves you time in counting products in boxes or packs.

Create Products Instantly

Missing a product? Simply create it on the go during your stocktake. Once created it will be added to your location ready to count.

DigiTally Design

An intuitive design and simple interface makes the DigiTally app easier to use when counting your inventory. Designed for ease of use in mind. The light and clean interface design makes DigiTally more attractive than any other inventory counting method.

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Search Inventory Products Fast

Find Your Products

Inventory Count Multiple Counters

Multi-User Access

Save Inventory Counting Time Fast

Save 72% Of Stock Counting Time

Inventory Stocktaking App Mobile Device

Available On Any Device

Inventory Upload Cloud Syncing

Sync Count Directly To The Cloud

Count Inventory With No Wifi

Count Anywhere, Whenever

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