Audit Logging

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You can view a more detailed log here in the Web Platform as opposed to what you would see in the Mobile App version.

To view an Audit Log, you just need to click on one of your Stock Takes, be it current or previous.

Home Screen showing Stock Take locations

Once you’ve clicked into the Stock Take you wish to see the Audit Log for, you’ll be taken to a screen where you must select your Location to view the data and then click on Audit Trail to view the Audit.

Stock Take screen showing Location & Audit Trail

After you’ve clicked on the Audit Trail button, you’ll see a more extensive list of what’s been going on, you’ll be able to see;

  • No. – order of product added
  • Product Name
  • Total Quantity
  • Total Cost
  • Who created/added/modified this product
  • Time the product was created/added/modified

Audit Trail screen