Audit logging (App)

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The Audit screen on the App can be located simply by pressing the Audit button on the navigational bar the bottom of the App screen.

Here you can see the order in which items were counted.

You’re able to see a more in-depth Audit screen by going to the one on the Web Platform, where you can see dates, who entered it and what time.

Remember, once you’ve finished your entire stocktake and you wish to create a fresh audit, you MUST go into the Web Platform and click New Audit. This is currently the only way possible. You can see how this is done by navigating to – Creating Audits

When you log out of your app, so long as you sync your data before you log out, it will all be there ready for you next time you open up the app on any device, providing you use the same login credentials. Your counts are always safe.