Editing Departments

EasyCount – Editing Departments/Suppliers

To Edit your Departments for your products, navigate to the Departments page under the Master Reports drop-down on the Main Navigation Bar. This is where you will be editing departments or suppliers – whichever terminology you use.

Once you’re in the Departments page, simply click on the name of the Department you wish to edit – you will now see this Department name in the box above, labelled ‘Department Name’

Once you’re happy with your naming change for your Department, simply click on Save and the updated wording will be applied to your chosen Department. You will lose no data, all you’re doing is renaming your Department, all products will stay the same at the correct costs and counts.

Keeping your stocktakes in-house with EasyCount is considerably cheaper than an external service. You’ll reduce stocktaking times by up to 68%, have an instant valuation of your counted stock and see where your waste is. All you need is your own mobile device to get going, no external hardware is required. Manage your inventory with our stocktaking software!

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