EasyCount – Stocktaking Software Individual Site Dashboard

Spending too much time on your stocktakes? Having to spend hours entering your data and then spend further time making reports & doing the mathematics? The EasyCount Web Platform is what you need!

If you’re in the hospitality business or manage delicatessens, bars, restaurants and such, read on! Our software is made by professional stocktakers with over 10+ years of experience. Because of this, we are very confident in the service & support we provide.

The EasyCount Web Platform allows you to see your site on one screen. This allows quick viewing of all stocktake details in an instant, showing counts, purchases, sales, wastage and most importantly an instant graph showing your gross profit for the week. Using EasyCount will save you time and money – we guarantee this.

Contact us to find out more! or check out our Group View video for multiple locations – here!

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