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JPK Fencing - Tadhg O

JPK Fencing - Tadhg O

"We used an excel sheet on a tablet to previously count the stock in our yard. EasyCount is much easier and user-friendly. It used very little battery on my phone despite being counting for most of the day. It will save us hours in counting our inventory in the weeks and months to come. We are now able to undertake more regular and more accurate stock counts."
Corrib Oil - Colette K, Deli Manager

Corrib Oil - Colette K, Deli Manager

"Since using EasyCount, I have reduced the time it takes to undertake my weekly stocktake from 3 to one hour. I love being able to set up each fridge or store room in the way that I store the stock. No paper, no data entry, just simple stock counting which loads directly to the cloud. I have now set up my staff to do the count so as they can each count their own individual location which will makes the count time even faster. Very easy to use and to recheck my team, allowing me to focus more on customers rather than on counting stock."
MINT Kilkenny - Sarah M, Salon Manager

MINT Kilkenny - Sarah M, Salon Manager

"Love the app. especially the way that I can leave it mid count and then return so as to continue counting when I am ready. Will streamline and improve the way we count our stock in future."

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